Service Offerings

For a software or technology vendor to build a profitable and sustainable international sales operation, it is not just about hiring sales reps. It takes product planning, go-to-marketcomprehensive business and financial planning and sales execution to build the right distribution channels and hire the right people to start-up in new territories.


This is the crucial first step: determining where products meet the needs of prospects and how much modification is required for new international territories. This could range from simple changes such as new currencies or date formats for financial software to complete translation for an end-user product in countries where few speak non-native languages. It takes product and sales experience across many countries and regions of the world to perform this product gap and market need analysis. 


Now that market needs are understood, the next stage is to determine which countries / regions to target and develop go-to-market strategies there. This requires comprehensive market knowledge to determine in which countries / regions to start, as well understanding which distribution strategies work best. 

Launch plans, implementation strategies for new customers and post-sales support plans are all components of Go-To-Market. 

Comprehensive Business and Financial Planning

What good is all this analysis if it doesn't meet the budget and timing goals required? This is the stage to bring it all together into a written plan as a comprehensive roadmap and plan to move forward with your company's international expansion. Thie can either be executed internally by your staff or by International Revenue ACCELERATION

Sales Execution

This is the core of international sales expansion: executing the sales plan to identify, train and start up channels and / or new international sales reps to begin generating international revenue in the territories that have been identified in the earlier stages of the process. 


Only International Revenue ACCELERATION  has the experience and tools for executing all these components, integrated for our clients' needs. All our work is customized to meet our clients' timing and budget goals.